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 confused big cat 


Update from Peter Ramsey, director of Rise of the Guardians:

Hi Everyone!

Well, the weeks are ticking down and our whole crew is working furiously to put the finishing touches on RISE OF THE GUARDIANS.  We’re only a couple weeks out from completing animation, which is a huge milestone; we’re doing final recording sessions with our incredible cast (Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, Jude Law, Isla Fisher and Hugh Jackman) and we’re deep into lighting and visual effects.  Next is sound mixing with Richard King (fresh off Dark Knight Rises) and recording our score, which is being composed by the great Alexandre Desplat — can’t wait for all of you to hear it!

So it’s an exciting time, even more so coming off a few really successful preview screenings, in which we were able to show the unfinished film to audiences a few weeks ago.  We were joined by our good friend executive producer Guillermo del Toro (also known as “El Jefe”) and a wonderful time was had by all.  Guillermo joined us for a few last sessions to discuss final story and editorial touches as we move into the final phases of production; he’s always a blast and a true inspiration to have around — what better way to head into the home stretch?  

So we’ve got LOTS to do, but we’re having a great time.  November’s right around the corner, so get ready, everyone!  RISE OF THE GUARDIANS will be coming in for a landing before you know it, courtesy of a tired but very, very proud crew.  

Talk to you soon!


my friend volunteered to take stand there while i took this! its wonderful the way this came out! #VERY PROUND! (btw i love his shirt!) 

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HTTYD-2 concept art + gifs ©

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First person to say “Mine now” in the ask box owns me for 1 day

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princesses and princes


He can be really persuasive. 

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Big Hero 6teen



joining the korra bob hair party /o/ I LOVE IT A LOT. it’s so cute gahhh

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The rental house had a small door in one of the closets
Led to the inner linings of the house
I’ve seen enough movies to know what not to do

I’ve seen Coraline enough times to know not to fuck with that.


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