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HICCUP: I was a coward! I was weak! I wouldn’t kill a dragon! 

ASTRID: You said wouldn’t, that time!

HICCUP: Whatever… I wouldn’t! Three hundred years, and I’m the first Viking who wouldn’t kill a dragon! 

ASTRID: First to ride one though…


can we talk about toothless’s face?imageimage


I have been laughing at this for the last 5 minutes!


HTTYD // Text Post Meme 2/?

Part 1




The “Braid Club” 

lol *^*


Of course first post has to be of Cloudjumper. He is bae. For my new blog.


Why are they so cute!!


:Mental Hospital AU:




Hiccup was silent for a long few moments, then out of the blue he mumbled softly, “…can I…can I maybe have a hug?” He turned onto his side to face Chrissy; dark bags under his eyes and eyes dull.

She sat closer to hiccup and wrapped her arms around his wast. “I don’t remember the last time i hugged you…” she said then breaking the embrace. She looked at the dark bags under his eyes. “You haven’t gotten much sleep have you?” she asked.

Hiccup shook his head slightly, tears welling up in his eyes as he clung tightly to Chrissy. “I wanna go home…” He whimpered quietly, letting out a shaky breath.

"I want you to come home too!" she felt bad that he had to stay in the terrible place. "I-i-want to kiss you…i forgot what it felt like to kiss you…" she said with a shy grin.


Pls don’t crush the extremely rare, ex-firelord’s pet dragon

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unused gifs part 2! 
part 1.